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Pokemon Crystal Future

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So I wanted to upload my own version of Pokemon Crystal, it is a Modified ROM File, Let's Start!

The Story is the same (If you do not know the story then r.i.p). (I do plan on changing the Story at some point)


-Trainers have ALL been Buffed (made stronger) to make the game more of a challenge.
-You can now see and obtain ALL 251 Pokemon in both Kanto and Jhoto.
-GYM Leaders now have 6 Pokemon each and all their levels are increased
-The Elite Four+Champion have 1 Legendary Each at level 80-100 so make sure you actually are prepared.
-Layout of Towns have been altered very slightly so it doesn't look the same as the original
-You may buy Rare Candy from the Poke-mart in the Indigo League (Before entering the Elite Four) for a reasonable price.
-You no longer need to trade any Pokemon to evolve them, all Pokemon evolve from either Happiness, Leveling Up or Evolution Stones
- GYM Leaders in Kanto Have level 100's to Level 115's so make sure you have different types of Pokemon and use Tactics (Else you will lose), Your Pokemon will only be able to reach Level 100 so don't always rely on luck
- The Champion now has a level 103 Pokemon


 -Beta Changes/Fixes

+GYM Leader Sabrina was still going in with her original Pokemon, this has now been fixed and should have a full team at Level 100.

+Pokemon Trainer RED's Pokemon are now Level 110 with Pikachu being Level 115, Originally He had Level 125's but has now been changed due to it being impossible to beat him, hopefully this change proves good enough for a fairer Fight (keep in mind he is the strongest trainer in the game so he deserves to have OP Pokemon).

+Master Balls can now be purchased in Kanto in Celadon City for an extremely high price, As all Legendaries are catchable in this game now you may want a helping hand, but keep in mind you will have to get there first.

+Mew and Mewtwo are now literally the most powerful Pokemon in the game with all their stats set to 255 (Max Stat), but to compensate for being the most powerful they are also the hardest to catch with MewTwo on a 3% Catch Ratio and Mew on a 6% Catch Ratio.

+Ever wondered why Suicine/Entei/Raikou are considered so fast and yet they don't seem to be so fast, well that is fixed with their Speed Stats moderately altered (increased).

+Pikachu, the main Pokemon in the Movies/Shows, ever wanted to keep Pikachu and NOT evolve him? well you always had the option but wasn't it sad to see how weak he actually was? Well now he will have the same Stats as Raichu, so now you can keep Pikachu and have better Stats.

+Mew's Stats have been increased.

+MewTwos Stats have been increased

+The Legendary Birds are now obtainable (Moltres/Zapdos is at Level 40) (Articuno is at Level 50)

How to Use:

You will need a Emulator (Download will be provided), Edit: You may also now opt for downloading a zip folder containing the Emulator+Game to make life a little easier/quicker, useful if you do not already own the emulator and don't want to download 2 files.

Open the ROM by going on the Emulator and going to "File->Open...->Pokemon Crystal Future.gbc" and Enjoy!

Note: Please Extract the contents of the zip file otherwise you will not be able to save your game, I have had a few people lose progress due to this issue.

Don't want to register to download the file? You can also download it from here (Emulator+Game):

Virus Scan - https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/614a08.../detection

Feedback is much appreciated.

Want to support me? https://www.paypal.me/Rollir025


LilRoachLane - Beta Tester

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