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Discord Rules:

(This post was last modified: 04-03-2020, 08:45 AM by Frainz.)

The Basics Follow Discord's TOS. -Do not harass other users or use offensive language. There are no exceptions to this being enforced on you. -Do not post invites to other servers or blatantly advertise. -Do not spam. This includes: a) Sending the same (or otherwise useless) message over and over. b) Excessive pinging of any user (mods or otherwise). c) Sending the same (or otherwise useless) message in multiple channels. If you want to share something, pick a single channel that would house it best and don't post it anywhere else. d) Chain mail ("post this in 10 servers or you'll die tonight!!" kind of stuff). -Keep NSFW content in the proper channel. -Do not attempt to bypass the automod. -Do not abuse this server to send mass DMs, invites, or friend requests to this server's users. 
VC RULES Do not earrape other users and do not queue earrape with the music bots. -No harassment of other users. -Do not join to randomly skip others user's songs or queue absurdly long songs.

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